Which hand towels are best?


Author  Emmeline | Product Consultant

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In this article, we're going to look into which Disposable Hand Towels are suited to the most possible scenarios.


Conventional Handtowels

Standard Hand Towels

The process to make the usual hand towels we’d see in the Supermarket toilets, involves pressing the sheet when it is in a wet state. This is the most common method of tissue manufacture, usually known as ‘Conventional’. 

Overall, Conventional hand towels;
  • Have a lower carbon footprint
  • Are compatible with most hand towel dispensers
  • Can be used in most settings

 2ply white z-fold Tiaga hand towels
 2ply white recycled z-fold Tiaga hand towels
 1ply blue z-fold Tiaga hand towels
 2ply white interfold Tiaga hand towels
 1ply blue interfold Tiaga hand towels

Airlaid Handtowels

Luxury Hand Towels

At the other end of the spectrum, we get the Luxury Airlaid hand towels, which are generally seen in Hotels and Spas. These are made of one thick single ply of short fibres and air to 'plump' the towel, making it softer and more absorbent than other disposable hand towel options.

Overall, Airlaid hand towels;
  • Look and feel luxurious and absorbent
  • Are typically displayed in a basket
  • Can be used as napkins
 Luxury linen type white napkins/hand towels rectangular Luxury linen effect white napkins 40x40cm - case

TAD (Through Air Dried) Handtowels

Through Air Dried Process

Suitable for any scenario, these towels take the Luxury feel of the Airlaid towels but are compact enough to be practical – fitted into a hand towel dispenser. The TAD (Through Air Dried) process involves the web being dewatered and dried by non-compressive means, thereby avoiding the compaction that occurs during the wet-pressing of the web in the conventional process.

Overall, TAD hand towels:
  • Look and feel as luxurious and absorbent as Airlaid towels
  • Can be used in most dispensers

 Paradis Luxury 2 panel V-fold superior hand towels (21x24cm)