Are your operatives wasting their time?
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

Detailed research suggests that many buildings have floors, and the persistent lure of gravity leads to a lot of dirt ending up there. This floor dirt tends to be rather unpopular, leading to most cleaning operatives spend a large proportion of their time wielding a vacuum cleaner.

It doesn’t need to be a large proportion, though. Upright and tub vacuums have both been around for decades, and although they’re effective, It’s about time we all started using a more inventive and efficient solution. If only someone could, for instance, find a way of cleaning 676 m2 per hour instead of 232 m2.

This is where the good people at PacVac come in useful. They’ve developed a backpack vacuum cleaner that is far more advanced than previous attempts at a similar product – instead of being heavy, awkward and uncomfortable, they’re designed to rest comfortably on your back for hours on end. They won’t need to be there very long though, because independent tests have found they cover the ground at almost three times the speed of tub vacuums.

Order a PacVac today to reduce the amount of time your staff need to take by hours every week!