Tubesac. It only takes 20 seconds to change a bin sack.

TubeSac - lifeYou pull it, you shake it, you twist it, but it just won't come out!

Pulling a full sack out of a bin has always been tricky, and it's absolutely nothing to do with whether the bag is the right size.

As a bag fills up inside the bin, it pushes the air out and creates a vacuum. That's why you might have to do a bit of a dance to haul a full sack out of a bin.

The solution is Tubesac. It only takes 20 seconds to change the bin sack.

You don't have to pull the sack out the top like the usual waste systems. You pull it out of the side, attach two cable ties, cut between them, and voila! You're done!

You won't need to do that funny dance to get the sack out or have the trouble of finding and opening a new one every time you empty the bin.

What is Tubesac?

Tubesac is a long tube of LDPE (low-density polyethene) plastic which uses a simple cable tie or knot to seal and separate one bag from the next.

Tubesac will always be the right size for your needs because you have the power to decide if and when the bag is full. You also avoid paying for unused material, lowering your waste and handling costs.

Tubesac is ideal in environments that demand good hygiene. You never need to touch the waste or areas that might have come in contact with it because it attaches to the next sack.

Tubesac is a cassette that easily fits Tubestand - supplied and ready to use immediately.

Highly versatile, TubeSac can be used in health care areas and for food, production and general waste.

What's so good about Tubesac?


- Close, empty and put in a new bag in just 15-25 seconds.
- An endless bag that’s always ready to go.
- No need to waste time looking for a new roll of sacks.


- Change-out takes place from the side, not from the top, reducing workload injuries.
- You choose how heavy you want the bag to be.

Environmentally friendly

- Prevents excess waste.
- Save plastic by only using as much as you need – no excess needed.


- No contact with the waste.
- Spills around the edges go into the next bag.
- The simple stand is easy to wash and keep clean.


- Use less and save more.
- Only use as much as you need.


- Height-adjustable stand fits under benches, tables, desks, etc.
- Tiltable crane makes it easy to throw waste away.
- Hidden wheels make the TubeStands easier to move.

How to use TubeSac

Step 1 - Lift the bag to the side

1. Lift the bag to the side

2. Gather the bag

Step 2 - Gather the bag
Step 3 - Apply two cable ties

3. Apply two cable ties

4. Cut between the ties

Step 4 - Cut between the two ties
Step 5 - Pull through, ready for use

5. Pull through, ready for use

TubestandWhat is Tubestand?

Tubestand is a strong and durable stand designed to fit Tubesac. They come in two sizes and styles - a large and small size, both used as a free-standing or wall-mounted bin. The two style options are stainless steel and powder-coated metal.

All Tubestands have hidden wheels to help them move easily and come supplied fully equipped with a safety cutter, which can be attached so you'll never need to look for a cutting tool when you 'empty the bin'.

Tubestand coverA stylish, glossy black metal Tubestand cover is available so that the sacks and waste can remain out of sight.


Does Tubesac sound intriguing to you?

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