The most versatile concentrate cleaner & degreaser: Simplifying your storage cupboards

AuthorEmmeline | Product specialist                                                                    2 min read

E20 Eco-Dose Concentrated Lemon Cleaner & Degreaser

The newest Eco-Dose is ready for launch! Are you ready...?

E20 Concentrated Lemon cleaner & degreaser is a great all-round cleaner; suitable for use on glass, kitchen surfaces, washroom cleaning, office cleaning, damp mopping and touch-point sanitisation. How would E20 simplify your training, cleaning and storage space?

Now, let's have a think about single-use plastic. How many plastic trigger spray bottles get discarded across your sites in a year? You're most likely thinking 'How am I supposed to know that??' And that's a totally understandable reaction. Here's why...

Across most of your sites, you're likely to use the same range of products, only the quantities would most likely be different, depending on the size, industry and condition of the individual site. The answer is personal to your company and how you run, but I think we all know, we discard a lot more plastic than we think.

In the light of that, how does this sound? Each 1L bottle of E20 Concentrated Lemon cleaner & degreaser can save up to 100 single-use plastic bottles! That's saving up to 97% of space in storage and transport. Freeing up space in transport = Saving up to 159g of CO2 emissions.

Let's get into the technical details of the E20 Eco-Dose Concentrated Lemon cleaner & degreaser. E20 provides a deep, thorough clean the first time round, ensuring no crevice is left dirty or greasy. It's clean lemon fragrance makes it a suitable cleaner for any environment without the smell seeming wrong. It is designed to be used on any water-washable surface without damaging it. E20 is also Bacterial and Virucidal; meeting EN 1276 with 30 seconds contact time and Norovirus with 5 minutes contact time.

For those of you who may never have come across our Eco-Dose range. They consist of a range of highly concentrated core products, designed to save CO2 emissions and single-use plastic waste, packed in a very easy-to-use dilution system. Our simplified Eco-Dose concentrate system is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Eco-Dose Step 1 - Squeeze Eco-Dose Step 2 - 10ml Eco-Dose Step 3 - pour/dilute

  1. Squeeze Eco-Dose bottle

  2. The capsule fills with 10ml of Eco-Dose concentrate

  3. Pour dose(s) into matching reusable trigger bottle

  Swirl to mix and it's ready to use!