Sack Measurements explained...

Author  Emmeline | Product Consultant

                   🕑  2 mins

We’ve all seen sack measurements such as 
18 x 29 x 39, and wondered what they mean.

The first thing to make clear is it isn’t actually Length x Width x Height, like most other dimensions. It’s Folded width x Open width x Depth. See the image below for a simpler description.

Folded Width

The folded width is the measurement of the width of the sack while it's still folded. It doesn't necessarily have any correllation with the bin size.

Open width

The Open, or opened, width is half the circumference/perimeter of the top of the bin. To measure this;
1) Wrap a tape measure around the outside of the bin. Make sure it's the oustide of the bin, at it's widest point, so that the sack will be able to fit over the top rim.
2) Once you have your circumference/perimeter measurement, you half that number, to get the Open Width
3) Add another 10-30cm to ensure the sack isn't weakened when you put it into the bin and doesn't break as the weight of the waste stretches the bag further.


To get the depth of the sack you need, measure the depth of the bin and add enough to the measurement to create a generous lip. This is for two main reasons;
  1 -   So that the sack fits over the edge of the bin
  2 -   So that as the bin is being filled, the sack doesn't fall in

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