Positive outcomes of sensor technology.

There are four main outcomes that cleaners and clients can get from the use of sensor technology; interventions, quality management, process management and dashboard data. 



Interventions is when cleaning managers and/or staff get notifications from a smart device that an area needs cleaning. Interventions are very useful for increasing the quality of cleaning going on in a building because they're always summoning cleaning staff at the moment that clean is most needed.


Process Management:

Process management is about making cleaning more efficient by reducing wasted effort on tasks that don't really need doing. This is where cleaning teams can get a real saving from eliminating unnecessary tasks, which if they were to just stick to the same schedule every day, they might keep doing. But, by using sensor technology these tasks are only carried out when they need doing.

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Quality Management:

Operatives are working from a smart device, where they've got a prioritised list of tasks, some of them responsive, some of them proactive, that have been submitted to their agile task management software; as they go around doing them, they can be recording an audit trail of every task they've done. This can be discussed with the client, and makes quality management a lot easier as managers have visibility and traceability all the time of the quality of work that operatives are doing.


Dashboard Data:

The best sensor tech systems allow for very high quality, customised dashboards that cleaning managers can use internally or with their clients to manage the quality of outcomes. Cleaning managers can see which areas are used the most, where consumables are being used the most, and can allocate a cost per visit for janitorial supply budgeting. Dashboards can also be created to show quality scores from cleaning work, together with outstanding tasks from cleaning teams, which all add up to give a professional impression as well as making managing the contracts easier with clear visibility and traceability.


In conclusion

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