Paradis Ecobox - Zero-plastic luxury toilet paper

Huge environmental benefits don’t have to mean compromised product quality. We believe that products that do good should feel good too. So Ecobox paper products come with zero plastic packaging – even down to eliminating plastic tape on the carton – and big reductions in carbon emissions, combined with our highest-grade Pillowsoft tissue.

Instead of using coarser recycled tissue, making sheets thinner, or reducing the width of the roll, like some environmentally-friendly toilet tissue products, we took a different approach. Starting with the same luxurious 3-ply quilted tissue with the classic Swan emboss that makes the existing Dreamsoft toilet paper so popular, we wind it tighter on the roll and pack it in recycled cardboard boxes with kraft paper tape, cutting out the plastic packaging and excess transport bulk that are such a large part of the environmental impact of traditional toilet paper products.

Paradís Pillowsoft - Ecobox toilet paper

Each box of Pillowsoft ecobox 3-ply quilted toilet tissue saves 11 plastic wrappers from going into your waste stream, and cuts transport CO2 emissions by 25%. It also reduces product wastage by fitting 65% more paper on the same roll – there’s further to go before it gets down to the ‘stub roll’, the last 1-2 metres of a roll, which users often discard and start a fresh roll.

This is a step-change in the environmental impact of any premium toilet tissue, and deserves to catch the eye of discerning customers that want to provide a superior washroom experience but meet environmental objectives too. And if you want to show measurable benefits to clients, our Ecochart reports can give them month-by-month feedback on the real volume of plastic and CO2 wastage they are saving. For an estimate of how much could be saved, please get in touch with us to arrange an impact assessment and reduction suggestions.