Loowy Blade. The most hygienic toilet brush.

Loowy Blade. The most hygienic toilet brush.

The Loowy Blade - the no-brainer reputation booster, replaces your old-fashioned toilet brush that keeps hold of dirt with a silicone blade that cleans the dirt from the toilet, then lets it go.

How can a toilet brush boost your reputation?

A toilet brush is something that your customers use. Let's briefly step into their shoes for a moment. They've been to the toilet and need to clean off the marks they've made. If the toilet brush is filled with dirt from a previous clean, how appealing is that? Urgh! It's not.

Now picture bending down and picking up the Loowy Blade. Quick-drying, easily-rinsable and a lot more hygienic - it's a much better experience.

Which vibe do you want to give to your customers?

Loowy Blade. The most hygienic toilet brush.

Key features and benefits

▪️ Effective. Unique waveform head for effective wiping.

▪️ Prestigious. Doesn’t clog like traditional toilet brushes.

▪️ Quick-drying. No annoying drops thanks to water-repellent coating.

▪️ Antibacterial blade for hygienic cleaning.

▪️ Easy to clean.

▪️ Modern, contemporary design.

▪️ Longer-lasting. Saving plastic waste and money.

It’s great for general use and storage (beside a toilet pan), and also great when they aren't - it can be transported without leaving unhygienic drips.

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