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Environmental policy of Foremost Pro Ltd

Our path to net zero

Foremost is committed to doing our part to minimize the threat that climate change poses to vulnerable communities around the world.

We will strive to be a net-zero emissions organisation by 2031. We will minimise our scope 1 & 2 emissions by implementing green energy initiatives and efficiency initiatives across our assets and activities. Scope 3 emissions will be managed by holding supply chain partners to account to provide energy usage, transport and raw material data that will inform emissions assessments of all products, as accurately as possible. We will use this data with customers to transition to a low-emissions product mix and have accurate assessments of their own scope 3 emissions footprint for reporting and offsetting against.

While we work hard to reduce the level of unavoidable emissions in our value chain, we will also contribute to strategic offsetting projects to protect of communities and ecosystems threatened by climate change. These will include Carbon capture, Ocean protection, Ecosystem restoration, and provision of Clean water.

Packaging, Plastics and waste reduction

Later sections of this plan will cover innovating to make greater packaging & plastic waste reduction possible for consumers, including Closed loop, longer-in-use and re-use schemes and innovations to reduce single-use plastic across our product range.

Across internal processes, we will continue to make positive changes to reduce our consumption and disposal of single-use plastic items and packaging.

Product Innovation pipeline

Innovating towards 100% Chemical Free, Carbon Neutral, Zero-to-landfill cleaning contract delivery.

We recognise that while eliminating chemicals and material waste from the majority of daily cleaning tasks is now very achievable, there remains a challenge around deep cleaning tasks, special works and some manual cleaning equipment.

Our NPD roadmap to develop a product suite that facilitates zero chemical or material waste, and is composed of only carbon positive products, is 70% complete and on track for 2025 completion.

Reaching 100% Chemical Free

We believe the industry shouldn’t let chemical-free stop at just daily cleaning tasks. We advocate strongly for AO (Aqueous Ozone) and HoCL (Hypochlorous Acid) units, that can generate effective cleaners and sanitisers on site, but the industry needs a wider range of Chemical-free, Non-harmful cleaning solutions that can tackle more challenging tasks.

By 2030, we believe we can eliminate petrochemicals from our range altogether – but this isn’t going to happen without significant commitment from Customers, Manufacturers, Chemists and our NPD Team. Stakeholders who are proactive in trialling new ideas with us will have a say in shaping the future of our range, and the direction of chemical-free NPD projects and research for the next 5 years.

Foremost is working with the best scientists in the industry to develop descalers, degreasers, stain and odour removers that can deliver no-nonsense periodic cleaning with minimal planetary impact. We are also finding new packaging technologies to eliminate single-use plastics from cleaning product delivery, while maintaining product performance, ease of use and viable product costs.

Closed loop, Longer in use & Re-use

Excess disposal of used cleaning materials, bottles and end-of-life equipment is one of the greatest outstanding problems facing the cleaning industry as a whole. Far too many items are sent to landfill, incineration or end up contaminating the natural world, often while they still have most of their useful life ahead of them or could have been recycled.

Foremost is determined to tackle this head-on.

We have a growing network of closed-loop and re-use schemes to retrieve items and process them for re-use, avoiding waste or energy-intensive recycling processes and exponentially cutting their LCAs.

Product-level GHG strategy

We will continue to increase the scope and detail of our supplier audits to extend the Scope 3 data available to clients and increase the accuracy and certainty percentages of GHG data provided.

Our mid-term goal is to reach 90% certainty on 90% of products sold by October 2025. Foremost procurement team is committed to achieving this by leveraging strong relationships with manufacturers globally, and transitioning sourcing preferences towards partners who provide greater transparency and commit to positive GHG reduction targets themselves.

Download your copy of our ESG Roadmap (2023 Q4 update) here