EnozoPRO. Chemical-free cleaning at the touch of a button.



EnozoPRO – the risk-reducing alternative to daily chemicals, turns tap water into safe Aqueous Ozone (AO) with a push of a trigger. Lasting for 5,000 refills, EnozoPRO saves space, uses AO at full strength, cuts the chemical use and packets to mix, saves up to 3,000 single-use plastic bottles and can be used anywhere.

How? The EnozoPRO spray bottle contains a special electrolytic cell that turns tap water into Aqueous Ozone (AO). Usually, Aqueous Ozone degrades in strength by 50% every 20 minutes after it’s produced. By being used as soon as it’s produced, EnozoPRO allows you to use it at its strongest.

  • ▪️ Smaller - no separate AO generator. EnozoPRO produces sanitizing AO within the bottle

  • ▪️ Stronger - always use AO at full strength, as it's being made and used simultaneously.

  • ▪️ Safer - only uses tap water for Residual-Free and Detergent-Free daily cleaning; no harmful chemicals to pour or test - providing 80% reduction of aggressive chemicals.

  • ▪️ Simpler - no packets to mix, no special ‘extras’ or stabilizers.

  • ▪️ Kinder - one reusable EnozoPRO bottle replaces up to 3,000 plastic bottles

  • ▪️ Versatile - Food-safe, Stainless steel & glass cleaner, Light degreaser, Washroom cleaner, Deodoriser, Spot & Stain Remover

  • ▪️ Robust - bottle lasts for about 5,000 refills

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