The Magic sponge 2.0

Melamine sponges have been used extensively in cleaning for quite a while now. Their friction-based effectiveness against scuff marks and stained surfaces is well known and appreciated. But as anyone who has ever used one will know, it doesn't take long for the fingers to wear through the sponge and make holes that leave it shredded and unusable.

Well, we've found a way to massively increase their durability as well as effectiveness. The pink DuoPower sponge is made with melamine foam compressed to more than twice the density of the standard magic sponge. This makes it much harder wearing and longer lasting, but the biggest improvement comes from backing the sponge with a scouring pad. It allows it to be fixed onto the plastic holder, which holds the sponge flat and applies the same pressure all across it. No more holes wearing through, a more even clean, and a much longer useful life.

Anyway that's enough talking. See it for yourself.