We love a good coffee.
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

Morning coffee is a big part of most of our lives. Without it, we would be grey, dull humans, staring moodily at the world through grey lidded eyes and wishing people would just stop talking at us, but the coffee changes us. It makes you energetic, witty, creative. Full of zest. A warm, serotonin-fuelled smile spreads across the face and you feel ready to take on whatever well-aimed punches the morning can aim at us.

Morning coffee

It has to be a good coffee though.  A rich, nutty crema releasing wisps of steam to casually explore the atmosphere above them. A pungent, woody aroma. It's oozing into your state of mind before it even touches your lips.

But however good it is, it’s hard to enjoy yourself properly if you aren’t feeling comfortable. I was in a little independent coffee shop this morning, and even though the espresso was as Italian as a hand-made gelato, something about it didn’t quite feel right. The toast crumbs and mug circles left on the table had me feeling almost itchy inside and the slightly sticky arm on the chair was just – unpleasant. It made me regret the £3.75.

It was probably a simple mistake. One of their staff may have forgotten it was their turn to wipe the tables, they might have run out of cloths, they might have been using the wrong spray so it didn’t clean the chair properly, it could have been anything. But whatever the reason, I didn’t enjoy it.

Cleaning is a small part of most businesses, but it’s so important to how your customers perceive you. It doesn’t take much to give someone a bad impression of your company, and one bad experience lasts longer in the memory than ten good ones. Don’t underestimate how much the little things mean for the success of your business.