BioForce3 - Sustainable, effective and efficient cleaning.

BioForce3 is a complete range of synbiotic cleaning products for professional cleaning companies that have been designed to work with nature, not against it. Because synbiotics are great at deep-cleaning and maintaining cleanliness, they provide a long lasting cleaning result due to the synbiotic technology that continues to work after the initial clean is completed.

The Washroom cleaner, Floor scrub and Multi-purpose cleaner from the BioForce
3 range are completely safe products. They do not have any hazard symbols, or contain any ingredients that could be harmful to anyone, including animals, and they are pH neutral. The one exception is the toilet gel, which does contain a small amount of citric acid.

These products are all made with natural ingredients sourced from chicory root. They are also safe for aquatic life, making them compliant with the latest regulations aimed at limiting the use of "forever" chemicals. The BioForce3 products are concentrated and can be diluted to 1:100 with water. This means 99% less space is required in transport, lowering your CO2e footprint of that product by the same amount.

With BioForce3, health and safety training is now stress-free since the products are entirely safe, which means safety in use, disposal training and paperwork are now minimal. BioForce3 is not hazardous or harmful to health, so contact with it shouldn't cause any reason for staff absences.

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In the BioForce3 range:

BioForce3 Multipurpose cleaner

A concentrated all-purpose cleaner that cleans surfaces and actively combats odours. For daily use on all water-washable surfaces.
Code: B4900
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BioForce3 Floor Scrub
A concentrated non-foaming all-purpose floor scrub for mechanical cleaning on all water-resistant floors whilst deep cleaning joints and tackling odours from their source.
Code: B4920
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BioForce3 Washroom Cleaner
A concentrated cleaner for daily use on washroom surfaces, including floor cleaning and preventing limescale and blockages.
Code: B4910
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BioForce3 Toilet descaling gel
For use in toilet and urinal cleaning, this is the first-ever synbiotic toilet gel with descaling capabilities. Developed with the optimal balance of synbiotics and acid, this is a toilet gel that outshines its rivals.
Code: B4915
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