What you need for cleaning re-opening buildings / offices / supermarkets / shops / schools?

AuthorEmmeline | Product Specialist
     2 minute read

A very common issue on all of our minds currently! Three particular situations kept coming up in the last few weeks of return to work. Maybe they'll be useful for cleaning Schools before they open up again...

Here’s some ideas on which products you might be looking for to address each of them.

1. Removing Social Distancing Stickers off floors

For removing Social distancing stickers and/or tapes from floors, we sugest using Sticky, Tar 'n' Glue remover or Sticky Label remover.

The Sticky, Tar 'n' Glue Remover is a solvent-based powerful remover for anything sticky. Always test on a small area first, in case the surface is sensitive and can be damaged.
The Sticky Label Remover is an aerosol that is sprayed onto the specific area(s) and left for a few seconds before being wiped off with a microfibre cloth. Because both of these are solvent based, they evaporate quickly, leaving minimal trace.

p.s. I’m not telling you to remove social distancing stickers, just helping you clean up if you are…

 Sticky, Tar N Glue remover, Selden Autostyle Sticky label remover aerosol spray

2. Descaling toilets that have been left stagnant for months

We all know how bad these can look (and smell!) if they haven't been cleaned for a while…

The Fortress W2 Concentrated Limescale Remover is a concentrated acid descaler which is safe on stainless steel, chrome etc. Also suitable for sinks, basins and showers, the Fortress W2 is thickened for improved performance.
Due to it's acidic strength, the Hydrochloric Powerful Toilet Cleaner is great for getting toilets clean quickly. A powerful descaler, this is designed for occasional use - such as getting toilets cleaned that haven't been used in a long time or cleaning blocked drains. This is not suitable for use on stainless teel or chrome.

 Fortress W2 Concentrated Limescale Remover Hydrochloric powerful toilet cleaner descaler 1lt

3. Improving Air Quality

Check out the article below to see full details on how you can improve your indoor air quality…