Freshly cleaned floors still sticky?
Lyndon | Hygiene Advisor

If I had a pound for every time I was asked “Why is this floor still sticky after cleaning it”? I'd be on a yacht right now.

Yes it can be that different chemicals or equipment are needed but it may surprise you how often the answer is “clean it with water”.

Why is this?

Because often, over-dosing, lack of dilution control or an inappropriate product leads to a build-up or residue on floors, leaving a sticky or tacky feel. So the first thing to tackle this with is water – let’s get rid of that excess. Mop or wash the floor once, twice or more if necessary – using clean water and a new mophead, we need to remove the excess product. Test the result and see if the stickiness has reduced or disappeared.

If that has resolved it, it was caused by over-dosing.

Of course, if it was sticky because it hadn’t been cleaned thoroughly you need to find an appropriate product and clean it properly. But we wanted to help prevent anyone heading down the route of trying to combat sticky floors with higher dilutions and stronger chemicals – because this can just make it worse.