What were the highlights of The Cleaning Show 2021?

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Many of you may be wondering what the big buzz about the cleaning show was. This is the first Cleaning Show since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the industry! It was amazing to able to be there among many other top-of-the-industry providers and innovators. This article covers the exhibitor highlights. What were your top exhibitors?


UhUb stand
UhUb provides whole workforce training out of the box, but it's much more than that.

Easy to use, quick to engage - Instantly usable with no user training required.
Recognition & reward - Using UhUb earns points, enabling all staff throughout the company to be recognised & rewarded regardless of location, job title, or pay grade.
Bring your own device - Learners can engage through the tech they love, their own phones.
Company accreditation - You can't buy accreditation from UhUb, and training a handful of managers won't cut it. ​ UhUb accreditation is earned, telling your clients that not only do you have excellent training ability, you apply it, by engaging with it at all levels of your business.
Quality training, constantly updated - Sharing industry recognised best practice and methods. Our Cleaning Training is City & Guilds Endorsed.
Offline content works too â€‹- ​Have content that’s not in digital format? Create ‘Offline Courses’ and Action lists, all with full reporting.
Live reporting for all activity -​ ​UhUb’s ever growing reports suite allows you to track activity throughout the organisation in real time providing you with the highest level of demonstrability and compliance for reviews, audits, quality measurements and legal proof.


OPTIQO stand
Optiqo's stand showcased their system designed to help the Facilities Management to be more effective. Their system combines IoT hardware and NFC mobile software based on their customers' requirements and specific needs. Optiqo’s digital system solutions are comprised of three components:

QlvrBox – The Qlvrbox hygiene monitor tallies all visitor traffic and simultaneously identifies when service efforts have been performed. It also has a QR code that visitors can use to provide immediate feedback on the work performed or anomalies that may arise between servicing.
NFC tags – When your custodial staff performs service tasks, they scan an NFC tag at the site of service to validate their presence. This allows them to receive the specific tasks to be performed via Optiqo's NFC based application. Upon completion, you will be able to receive a digital confirmation.
Application and management system – Optiqo's cloud-based management system collects all relevant information from your property pertaining to cleaning and inspections. The information is visualized in a customized dashboard and in turn, based on the statistics from the various units, you can optimize the service deliveries

Numatic International Ltd

Numatic stand
Providing tailored support to every industry, sustainability and productivity are values that continue to bridge the entire Numatic range. Numatic has built its products according to this philosophy since day one, testing beyond the standards and delivering sustainable cleaning solutions that provide the productivity you need today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years.

At The Cleaning Show, Numatic showcased their new NX300 range and had a very helpful team on stand all three days, providing countless visitors with information and help about their products.

The new NX300 Pro Cordless network from Numatic delivers professional level cordless performance to a versatile and expanding range. Quicker, safer and more convenient, switching to Pro Cordless raises productivity levels, saving time and money. And, as a bonus, that one battery - the NX300 - fits all the machines, from vacuums to scrubber driers, in that range.

See the Numatic range here...


Solupak stand
Solupak was formed in 1998 and is renowned as the leading expert in water soluble products. Over nearly 20 years, the company has worked with many leading brands to develop, formulate, package and distribute water soluble (PVOH) films and granules. The sachets they've developed encase concentrated cleaning chemicals in dissolvable films to minimise; training needed, water shipped around the globe, the space that your chemicals take up and so much more...

At their stand at the cleaning show, they had a competition for 'how many litres of cleaning solution in the jar?'

And, guess what? Darryl won the prize!! Only 2 litres out! Well done ðŸ‘

More info? Click here...

See the Solupak range here...

Victor Floorcare

Victor Floorcare stand
Dating back to 1946, the Victor name is globally renowned for its high-performance, reliable, durable, and easy-to-use floor cleaning machines. Over the decades, Victor products have continued to improve, with the team building on solid, robust technology and strong construction, whilst refusing to compromise on quality, parts or materials.

Victor offers a comprehensive range of floor cleaning equipment, including Rotary Machines, Floor Polishers, Scrubber Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners and other floorcare tools. It was these machines that were mesmerising to watch, they seem to just float over the surface, but still be easy to control.


Killis stand
Family run since 1964 in Sheffield, Killis are one of the UK's largest cleaning suppliers and continually strive to offer the latest in innovative cleaning equipment and solutions. Over the years, Killis have grown to offer janitorial products, floor polishers, window cleaning and air care solutions stocking more than 30,000 products, ranging from sponges to ride on industrial motorised scrubber dryers (and most recently, autonomous cleaning robots!). And it was those robots that were bringing music to the show. With their blue light-up eyes, they were very personable machines that created a lot of postable content for many visitors.

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