What did Foremost do at The Cleaning Show 2021?

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Coming through the doors into the Hall at ExCel for The Cleaning Show 2021, you got a sense that this market has changed. Since the pandemic, everyone is more appreciative of the cleaners. And to make their job easier, quicker and more effective, the innovation train is being moved along at a very rapid pace. And in this first exhibition since the pandemic disrupted the industry so much, that train just got fitted with a rocket booster.

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Stands that welcome Views, Opinions and Real Conversations about new concepts created a buzz. Foremost exhibited at stand A10; from the pictures above, was it buzzing? And it doesn’t end there...
Please think about these few questions... the likelihood is, you'll be able to answer them 😁
  1.   What takes the most of your time in managing your contracts?
  2.   Is there a common issue that your cleaners face every day?
  3.   What suggestions do you have to make your job, and/or your cleaners', more efficient?

Any ideas you have or aims that you want to reach are always welcome.
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