What cleaning products keep Strep A at bay

How to keep the latest Strep A outbreak at bay

AuthorEmmeline | Product Specialist
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This winter, we have seen a much higher presence of Strep A than anticipated in the UK. News reports have highlighted Strep A in young children, resulting in death in some extreme cases. But it’s not only young children that can contract the disease. Many of our customers have asked what they can do to help stop the spread of Strep A as it becomes rampant with winter closing in.

What is Strep A?

"Strep A" is the quick way of saying Group A Streptococcus. "Strep Throat" is one of the possible effects of being infected by Strep A.

Streptococcus is a common but highly contagious human bacterial pathogen, mostly known for causing strep throat and scarlet fever. There are two main strains: A and B. Strep A can give you throat and skin infections or scarlet fever, and Strep B is what could cause meningitis and pneumonia.

Both of these are treatable with antibiotics. On rare occasions, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream, causing severe and even life-threatening conditions.

Due to its highly contagious nature, Strep A has become rampant in many Primary Schools across the UK. It’s important to note that although the News reports have emphasised Strep A in children and Primary Schools, adults are definitely not exempt from contracting the disease or being any less impacted by it.

What cleaning products keep Strep A at bay?

Surface Sanitisation for Strep A
All these cleaning products meet the BS EN1276 Certification, which means they're tested to kill diseases like Strep A.