proAct delivers what you need, when and where you need it

proAct delivers

We'll put it away in the underground store, if that's what you want. We'll deliver it at 3am if that's most convenient. We'll deliver it to each site to save you the distribution time and costs.

We'll get the products right, the price right, and put it in the right place, for you. We love doing things to make you happy!

proAct doesn't like to steal your limelight

proAct promotes you

proAct wants you to sparkle and shine as much as those windows, floors, toilets and chandeliers, you spend so much time keeping clean!

You deserve the glory. We keep out of sight, so your customer doesn't try and cut you out.

proAct makes 'clever' easy

proAct is clever

Our online ordering system, called proLink, will amaze you -You can do sophisticated stuff, and it seems like child's play!

proLink empowers you and your staff, to do so much more than just order placing.

proAct does the paperwork for you

proAct does the paperwork

proAct helps you with COSHH requirements

Keeping your MSDS up to date, distributing electronic and hard copies to sites, providing online training support …. proAct saves you hassle!

proAct helps you grow your business

proAct helps you grow

Support with new tenders

Let's be honest, we like it when our customers are successful. We're here for you, and we'll support you in every way we can. Think win-win!

proAct offers you powerful management tools

proAct management tools

Whether you want detailed reports on products and sites and costs, or you want to restrict staff access to hazardous products, or you want to track usage of materials ...

We have developed some powerful bespoke management reports and tools to help you. And of course, as usual, they’re free.