The curse of the public toilet is over.
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

It’s happened far too many times. You walk into the toilets and a cocktail of unpleasant odours invades your personal space. Someone walking out warns you, ‘better breathe through your mouth in there!’, and you force out a worried laugh. It seems to get worse every minute you’re in there, and the idea of having a shower in bleach grips you, and starts to feel weirdly attractive. Eventually, you escape, and gulp sweet lungfuls of the nectar that is urban air, with a delicate hint of diesel fumes.

A distressing experience. Not something any human should have to go through.

But do people feel like that when they use your washrooms? Do your staff, clients, and visitors, desperately avoid those visits to the little room? Are they sneaking down the road to use the Starbucks? Well, they don’t need to any more.

Paradis, a revolutionary new air freshener system, can put an end to your embarrassment. Using organic microbial technology to eliminate the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, it cuts bad smells off at their source. What’s more, the wall mounted dispenser ejects regular doses 24 hours a day to keep your air as hygienic and fresh as it deserves to be.