Are robots the future of cleaning?
AuthorJoanna | Clean enthusiast

We're very interested in how cleaning will look in the future. We’re finding and developing so many new products and systems at the moment, and the technological improvements are coming faster than ever. And I’m sure a big part of that future is going to be using artificial intelligence.

It was fascinating at InterClean in Amsterdam this year seeing how many new machines have been developed even in the last few months. There’s now a huge range of  industrial scrubber driers and vacuum cleaners that are almost entirely autonomous, and the small domestic ones have been around for years. They’re great for doing the big simple tasks like floor cleaning, but that still leaves a lot of your environment dirty.

Imagine how much time it would save if the rest of your cleaning was automated too. I want something which buzzes around dusting surfaces and spraying air freshener. Or Imagine a little machine that hops up onto your desk every night, scrubs the surface, wipes your screen and dusts your keyboard? Imagine how good it would feel sitting down to start work each day!

We're not engineers so we don’t know how realistic it is to try and make something like that happen, but I do know that if and when it does, it will make all our lives so much nicer in little ways – fresher, cleaner, and happier.