Charcoal for cleaning?
Hamish | Hygiene Technician

The idea of charcoal being used for cleaning seems a bit hard to believe at first. Surely it will leave everything smelling smoky, like your shirt at the end of a barbeque?

Not when nanoparticles are used in activated carbon cloth. The surfaces of the tiny strands of charcoal are incredibly absorbent, and bond with impurities in both gases and liquids to take them out of the air. The technology was originally developed by the Ministry of Defence for protection against poisonous gases, so it’s pretty effective at absorbing those unpleasant odours.

So microfibre or bamboo cloths with charcoal content offer something different in the cleaning trade. Cutting odours off at their source is much better than just spraying air fresheners around, but an extra benefit is how the improved absorption compared to normal cloths means they pick up a lot more as you wipe the surface, leaving it drier and cleaner. Clever cloths can do more than just wiping.