Don’t worry, the pandas will be ok.
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

Bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo hand towels. What’s the point? My normal stuff is doing me just fine, thanks.

Well, you’d be surprised. Bamboo paper products are the open secret of the washroom world. Not only are they great to use, they help tick off those green credentials too. At first it might seem like mass harvesting of bamboo would wreak all kinds of havoc on delicate rainforest ecosystems, but surprisingly, the opposite is true. Shoots can grow at up to 5 feet per year so they grow back in a fraction of the time of trees, and because they grow so densely, less land area is cleared to make the same amount of paper pulp. And by switching to bamboo, you’re saving those hundred-year-old trees and acres of virgin rainforest.

So although you might not have been happy with the thought of drying your hands on some poor giant panda’s lunch (yeah, it sounds weird to me too) It would rather you did that than dry your hands on its house. There’s plenty more lunch out there, but if its forest gets torn down to make into toilet roll? That’s just humiliating.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a massive part of business today, and any business in the public eye knows how important it is that your customers and the community know you’re doing the right thing for the environment. Even down to the smallest details, like making sure the pandas will be ok.