No more scrubbing by hand

Mopping and scrubbing floors by hand not only requires a lot of effort, it's also slow and doesn't pick up the dirt in the most effective way.

RovaWash, a clever new machine from iVo, makes floor cleaning far quicker as well as getting a much more thorough clean. The brush spins at 1150 rpm, with extra thin fibres to get right into the texture of the floor to remove far more dirt even when used with only water.

The RovaWash also uses a unique roller system to pick up the liquid it puts down and leave the floor much drier than after mopping. Chemical application, scrubbing, and pick up all in one lightweight and manoeuvrable package!


What's more, because it provides a more thorough clean on a regular basis, it reduces the need for deep cleaning as the floor is always maintained at a higher standard.