Find textured floors tricky to clean?

So do a lot of people. That's why we're bringing you the Rovawash, using high-speed cylindrical brushes to provide a much deeper clean in less time than alternative mopping solutions. see how it works here.

With soft bristles and 1100 rpm rotation, the Rovawash turns existing floor scrubbing technology on its head. It allows it to get deeper into the surface of textured safety flooring, stone, wooden or altro surfaces while still providing a good stiff scrub. 

It's recommended for use in areas requiring regular, thorough cleaning such as toilets, hallways and corridors and high-traffic hard floors. Using it on a daily or weekly basis eliminates both mopping and the less frequent deep cleans as the floor is kept cleaner, to a higher standard, every day. As well as saving cleaners' time, it leaves the floor drier than mopping, reducing the slip risk and the chance of personal injury.

The Rovawash is available in 350mm and 250mm brush widths, depending on whether you want to clean tight spaces like toilet cubicles, or larger areas. For more information and specifications, download a brochure here.