Real-time synergy between you, your teams and your clients

AuthorEmmeline | Product Specialist

Do you ever feel like your operatives are spending too much time cleaning areas that aren't being used as much as others? Wouldn't it be great to have someone who could be outside the toilets, or by the board-room, or in the office, or... how about everywhere? How can you tell how many people have been where, what needs doing when and what standard it's being done to?

Prioritisation of cleaning and other facility management tasks is always a challenge. You might prioritise the tougher, high-risk tasks first so you can always tick those ones off. But what if that isn't what your clients are actually looking for? Is there a specific area they always check? Is there some method you use that disturbs their work-flow? How much more help could your operatives be by being able to respond to your clients wishes at the time? What KPIs have your clients not had the opportunity to tell you about?

Have you ever wondered if there was some option out there that could alert you of your clients' needs as they arise? Is there a system for all that? Wouldn't managing a cleaning team become so streamlined and, dare I say it, hassle-free?

What's the solution?

Founded in 2012, OptiQo enable their users to reach a higher quality of service, get a daily overview of actions taken and be a lot more efficient. The OptiQo system combines IoT hardware and NFC mobile software to put the requirements and specific needs of your clients first.

How does OptiQo work?

OptiQo's system works through a series of QLVR boxes, QR reporting and an app that feeds back live data to the operatives and management - increasing efficiency. Directing operatives' activity instantly and automatically to the busy areas takes the stress out of giving your clients the service they're looking for.

By measuring foot-flow throughout your buildings and combining that data with IoT, NFC, QR and AI technology, you
 can also adjust the out-of-hours cleaning teams' specification automatically. The tasks are communicated to the individual or team via the NFC tag in that area. 

You can also monitor attendance and present the performance live on a dashboard to give the management team complete visibility. OptiQo also produces graphs and reports to present insights for client meetings and presentations and to refine the service delivery.

What is a QLVR box?

A QLVR box records and sends real-time foot-flow data to the OptiQo system that then instructs the operative to attend the location near the QLVR box based on the frequency you've set. They also confirm and communicate operative attendance on the screen and to the system to provide clients, employees and employers with confidence that each site is being cared for sufficiently.

Battery or solar powered(suitable for indoors) and complete with 4G connection, these are easy to install; simply stick to the wall at building entrances, outside toilets and other frequently used areas at your contracts.

How does the QR reporting work?

The QLVR box is mounted on a plaque with a QR code that can be scanned by the building users so that...
- they can make comments directly to your team
- you can receive automatic action requests; to clean, empty bins, deliver coffee, safety, complaints, etc.
- the Facilities Team can take fast and automatic action
- live reporting and sign off is visible live to Management
- record that areas, such as desks, have been used and require cleaning - these can be added to daily out of hours tasks
- performance data can be tracked - visible by contract, by building and/or by floor

What are the NFC tags for?

The NFC tags enable operatives to check in quickly and easily at a specific location, whether a building, floor or room. This makes tracking the last time an area was cleaned visible on the OptiQo CHECK app (so that management can track operational progress in real-time), and on the QLVR box, so that clients can have peace of mind that the area they are about to enter is presentable.

What does the OptiQo CHECK app do?

The OptiQo CHECK app is fully automated to work alongside the QLVR boxes, NFC tags and QR codes to streamline your everyday cleaning, janitorial and FM Operations. Fully functional offline, OptiQo CHECK stores data within flight mode, so there's never any Wi-Fi related glitches.

Usually used by Management to...

 - customise check lists and site instructions
 - adjust individual tasks daily to reflect foot flow data
 - generate and manage work orders in real-time through notifications and allocations
 - pre-schedule inspections
 - support weighted value tasks with customised values
 - report maintenance, HVAC, fire, safety, cleaning and other deficiencies in a defined area/room with photo evidence and text

Usually used by Cleaning teams to...

 - register cleaning tasks completion
 - report deficiencies with images and text
 - view the site/area floor plans for each building or floor with checkpoint locations on map overlay
 - manage work orders from notifications and allocations set by management

How could OptiQo help a contract cleaning or FM company?

OptiQo can help to improve cleaning standards by optimising your team's time and radically reducing costs. Measuring footfall enables cleaning-on-demand. That means no more 'guess-work' cleaning - save resources, the environment and your money. The QLVR box showing when the last person cleaned a specific area gives clients confidence in your team and eliminates confusion among operatives that limited on-site communication can bring.

Who is OptiQo for?

Although originally developed to help direct cleaning services, OpitQo can be used in many other ways;
 - HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) - adjust it based on building activity. Refining your running costs and energy use.
 - Security - directing them to where there is movement where darkness usually makes it too difficult. Security can prove their whereabout through the NFC tags as they move around the building for safety. They can also report maintenance issues whilst on their rounds.
 - Catering - using the foot flow counters as the customers enter and comparing that with catering attendance, OptiQo can quickly predict how many meals are needed. Removing excessive food waste, power use and refining staffing requirements - Optimising overheads.

OptiQo's versatile system can help in many industries including...

-  Airports  -  Healthcare  -  Cleaning and FM companies  -  Commercial Buildings  -  Restaurant Franchise/Groups  -
-  Convenience Stores & Petrol Stations  -  Shopping Malls  -  Retail  -  Railway  -  Theme Parks and Tourist Attractions  -