NX300 group - 244NX, TTB1840NX, RSB150NX, NBV190NX, PBT230NX

NX300 - One battery, multiple machines

Numatic’s NX range uses the same 36V rechargeable Li-ion battery for all its machines, giving a 50 - 80 minute runtime and 1 hr fast-charge to the entire range.

More Time to Clean
Reduce your overall cleaning time as you no longer need to keep plugging and unplugging when the wire length runs out.

No More Cable Trips
Promote safe and unobtrusive cleaning by not using trailing cables - minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls in your cleaning.

Lower Energy Cost
High-efficiency cleaning delivers extended runtime, expanding commercial operation and applications with lower annual energy usage.

No Testing Required
No need for high-cost PAT testing on multiple corded machines when switched to cordless.

Minimise distractions and interruptions with lower sound levels than corded machines.

All Hours Cleaning
Combine total cordless freedom with powerful and professional cleaning results - perfect for day cleaning and safe operation in public areas with higher footfall.

The NX range machines

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