The bane of beer stone
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

Every brewer out there has probably had an experience of beer stone build up affecting the quality of the brew. The greyish precipitate of calcium oxalate and proteins is a brewing headache to say the least, and leaves many brewers toying with the idea of climbing inside their fermenters armed only with a scraper and a decent sized chunk of anger to attack the dreaded stuff. It’s an impressive feat of self-restraint not to let loose with a  heavy, blunt object.

Caused by bleach-based cleaning products pitting and rusting the stainless steel of the tanks, beer stone isn’t harmful to beer in itself – it just creates a surface that is impossible to sanitise and therefore harbours bad bacteria which will grow and over time lead inconsistency in flavour profile and ruined brews. It’s even more damaging to the beer than serving it in unwashed glasses.

Well this doesn’t need to happen to you any more. Prevention is easier than cure, but once you’ve removed the existing build up with nitric acid, stopping it from building up again on a regular basis is simple. Working with manufacturers and technicians that are focusing specifically on brewing tanks when designing these chemicals means this low foam caustic cleaner, and CIP disinfectant, are created specifically to leave your fermenters, heat exchangers and aging tanks in perfect condition. We’re here to make sure your finely crafted recipe doesn’t catch its ankle on the final hurdle by unnecessary contamination in the tanks.

A good beer deserves it.