Innovative Space and Cost Saving Cleaning System

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Have you ever wondered if you can reuse a chemical trigger sprayer bottle without having to store highly concentrated chemicals?

The answer is YES! Here is a system made up of water-soluble products which uses granules that are effectively contained within dissolvable films until the point of use. These films are biodegradable and disolve in water, resulting in minimal packaging waste.

These are similar to other dilution-style products…

   - Without requiring large, expensive dosing systems
   - Without relying on operatives doing the dosing correctly
   - Without having expensive, ready-to-use products
   - Without waste packaging - just add water and they dissolve
   - With the lowest possible environmental impact
   - With the guarantee that the active ingredients are optimally dosed
   - With a product for all applications

How it Works...



Re-usable Spray Bottles

If the UK creates around 5 million tonnes of plastic waste in a year, we need to work on reducing it! By using these products, you can save on 96% packaging, where most of that is just the single-use plastic bottles your chemicals would usually come in. Simply rinse out the bottle and ensure that the product you are putting in the bottle is the same as was last used in that bottle to avoid mixing chemicals.

And, who knows? Instead of binning 10-15 plastic cleaning bottles a week, you can be reusing the same bottle over and over again. A great way to cut down your Carbon Footprint!

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