How to get Stainless Steel in lifts spotless

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We've all been faced with a Stainless-Steel lift that shows every mark and fingerprint with a very small timeslot to get it looking spotless. It doesn't really help when, no matter what we try, we just can't seem to get it clean enough. Here we have two simple steps to give you an insight into just how easy cleaning Stainless-Steel lifts can be...

1st step - 'Remove the...'

What there is to remove from the stainless steel will determine what products would be best to use.

If it’s grease, sticky marks or finger marks you can use the Sticky Label Remover. This is an aerosol that is sprayed onto the specific area(s) and left for a few seconds before being wiped off with a microfibre cloth. Because it is solvent based, it evaporates quickly, leaving minimal trace.
  Sticky Label Remover

Whereas, if it’s limescale or watermarks, Fortress W2 Concentrated Limescale Remover will be best. This is a liquid-based chemical which can be poured onto a microfibre cloth and rubbed over the affected area. The Limescale Remover dissolves the marks and leaves the steel looking clean.

Fortress W2 Concentrated Limescale Remover - Case 10  Fortress W2 Concentrated Limescale Remover

Alternatively, if it’s rust, use Peek Polish. This can be bought in two different formats; a 100ml tube or a 1l tin. The consistency of the tube polish is like toothpaste. This can be squirted onto a microfibre cloth, or straight onto the affected area, then rubbed in until the rust gets rubbed off. On the other hand, the consistency in the tin is thicker than water but not thick enough to be a paste. It would be easier to dip the microfibre cloth into the polish and then rub it into the rust-covered areas until the rust rubs off.

Peek Metal Polish 100ml tube Peek Metal Polish 1ltr can

2nd step - 'Apply finish'

Once you’ve got the dirt and grime off, it’s always best to give it a shiny finish to remove any smears that may have been made during the cleaning process. The best thing to use would be the Stainless Steel cleaner polish; available as single or pack of 6 x 750ml trigger sprayers. This can be sprayed directly onto the area, wiped and buffed up with a microfibre glass cloth to get the smoothest finish.


  Stainless Steel cleaner polish - silicone free  Stainless Steel cleaner polish - silicone free

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