brexit date 31 october 

And when Brexit is all over, we’ll still be here, tirelessly caring for our customers, driving innovation and sustainability. 

Since we first set out in the cleaning industry parliament has been prorogued 39 times, names like Molnycke, Dyma and Johnson Diversey have come and gone (or been sold or re-branded) but we still have the same ownership and same values.

We weren’t trading on October 31st 1940, generally regarded as the end of the Battle of Britain – but here’s a few 31st Octobers we have been through before...

Starting in 1975, when we were cleaning windows, and 1976 when that date saw us busy introducing new paper dispensers to the UK market – jumbo toilet rolls and centrefeed rolls (PS users pay less now than they did 43 years ago😊).

And in 1980 when Julian Nott set a hot air balloon record 16,806m, in 1987 when the longest singles tennis match was completed – over 80 hours! In 1992 when Don Keller did his 18,000th sky dive, and in 1994 when 14 years old Venus Williams made her professional tennis debut. That was 25 years ago, customers had been benefitting from our quick and careful service for 18 years.

Sadly, 31st October has also seen a number of plane crashes – 74 killed at Mexico City in 1979, 217 killed off Massachusetts in 1999, and then in 2000 50 more in Angola and 79 in Taiwan. And on that day in 2011 it was announced that world population had reached 7 billion.

Through those years and since we have blended friendly reliable service with market leading innovation. The third generation of this family business continue to build on our core values.

Happy 31st October from the Foremost Team.