Compliance - easily within REACH
AuthorHamish | Hygiene Technician

Compliance with Health and Safety regulations relating to chemical handling can be one of the most time consuming tasks a cleaning company goes through, but it’s important to do it right or risk responsibility for potential accidents.

Under REACH legislation manufacturers are required to provide Health and Safety information and analysis on all of their products in use. Companies who store and use the chemical are responsible for ensuring an appropriate COSHH assessment is in place and safety practices are followed for every chemical they use, in each of its applications.

Writing these from the information displayed in an 8-page, complex MSDS sheet can be a challenging task, so we’re helping you out by providing you with manufacturer Cleaning Safety Assessments on our core range of cleaning fluids. These 1-page documents include a risk assessment of the undiluted product, plus hazard information and a clear visual representation of what PPE is required for every one of its recommended applications. See how much simpler it is below!

This doesn’t replace the need for you to complete your own risk assessments, but it does make the process very much quicker, by providing all the data for each chemical in a format which is clear and easy to read.

Download CSAs for all the Foremost branded chemicals you use here.

Example MSDS

Example CSA