Doing good things makes you happy.
AuthorDarryl | Hygiene Advisor

Doing good deeds is a powerful psychological concept. It makes us feel like more complete humans - better versions of ourselves. We walk with a casual spring, a warm glow diffusing from the soul. It’s a feeling we can’t help but love, and a significant motivating force behind making environmentally friendly choices. Our hearts bleed for the luckless Giant Panda, so we willingly do without the 5p bag.

But ultimately, humans are selfish creatures too. We like being generous, but we also like treating ourselves. And this isn’t a bad thing – when you work hard, it’s fair to give yourself a little personal pleasure from time to time. Go right ahead. You’re worth it.

The reason most people who buy bamboo products do so is their sustainability. Doing your bit for the rainforests is a reward in itself. But we shouldn’t shy away from showing ourselves a bit of love too, and that’s why Cheeky Panda want you to feel good physically as well as emotionally. Luxury bamboo disposable paper gets you both ways. Comfort meets satisfaction.

So while you’re zealously reducing your carbon footprint, enjoy the contentment it brings you. But do it in a way that makes everyone in your company feel good too, whether that’s through blissfully soft toilet paper or satin-like facial tissues. They deserve it.