What does it mean?
AuthorJoanna | Clean enthusiast

Clean Earth represents our belief in doing the right thing for the planet. A lot of what we do involves the supply of high-volume consumables, so we have a major responsibility to try and reduce the impact our operations have on the environment. It’s also important not to sacrifice quality, hygiene or efficiency, but where possible, we strive to reduce waste, improve recyclability, use sustainable sources and reduce consumption of natural resources.

That’s why, for instance, our core range of hand towels is entirely recyclable, and from sustainably managed source. It’s why we promote the use of super-concentrated chemicals over ready to use diluted products, to massively reduce plastic waste and transport emissions. It’s why we ensure our refuse sacks are rigorously tested, to avoid waste being released into the environment by bags splitting. We care about getting it right.

So, when you see Clean Earth on our product labels, it doesn’t mean the chemicals inside are weak as water.  We ensure our products are more effective and efficient than that, and ultimately those kinds of products do more harm to the environment than good – as they’re so diluted, transport emissions go up massively compared to concentrate versions, and they’re at the same strength by the time they’re disposed of anyway. Clean Earth isn’t about just ticking boxes by making little changes with no particular impact. It’s a philosophy of doing the right thing.