Our Brexit preparations

With continued uncertainty over the terms on which the UK will leave the EU on January 31st we wish to reassure you that we’re preparing to continue providing uninterrupted service even in the event of supply chain disruption. For your peace of mind, here’s confirmation of some of the steps we’re taking to eliminate any impact on our ability to fulfil your orders.


Goods we import directly

We have arranged additional off-site storage, and have increased our stockholding levels of the goods we import from the EU and from other countries providing an additional 2 months cover. Most estimates of potential delays in the event of a no-deal Brexit are around 1-8 weeks, so we are confident of being able to maintain our service.


Goods we source from UK importers

For products which buy within the UK but are imported further up the supply chain, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure they have appropriate reserves of stock to meet predicted delays.


Goods manufactured within the UK

UK manufacturers are unlikely to suffer the same disruption unless they use components or materials imported from the EU, in which case we are requesting they prepare appropriately too.


Potential impacts on pricing:

In the event of a no deal Brexit, there is a risk of tariffs being applied to EU imports, also currency instabilities may have further impact on the costs of imported goods. As these are as yet unknown it’s impossible to say exactly how prices could be affected. However, any impacts will be experienced equally across the industry and the country as a whole, and we remain committed to maintaining our competitive position.

If you have any further questions regarding our planning process, please contact us to discuss them.