What if athletes were banned from wearing the latest running shoes?

AuthorEmmeline | Product Specialist
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Could today's record-breaking athletes reach the same results with the running shoes of over 100 years ago?

Hannes Kolehmainen's running shoes 1920   

Back in 1920, one of the 'Flying Finns', Finland's Hannes Kolehmainen, broke the marathon world record by 7m 25s with a time of 2h 32m 35s. His shoes were right at the beginning of running shoe technology. It's main aim was to be lighter than the previous 'accountant-style shoes with nails driven in'.

In 1967, Australia's Derek Clayton's world record was 2h 9m 36s. This was an increase on the previous record of 2m 24s. We didn't see any improvements of that size until 2018. The shoes he was wearing look a lot more comfortable but seriously pale in comparison to today's technology.


Derek Clayton's running shoes 1967
Eliud Kipchoge's running shoes 2019

Fast forwarding over 50 years, Eliud Kipchoge was the first person to run the marathon in under 2 hours (not officially a world record) in some very controversial shoes. Built with runner comfort, stability and springy-ness in mind, it's argued that it's the shoes that gave him his speed.

A controversial topic in running: Is it the runner or is it their shoes that smashes world-records?

In over 110 years the evolution of running shoes has enabled marathon runners to diminish their running time from 02:55:18 in 1908 (Johnny Hayes) to 1:59:40 in 2019.

And yet it's widely accepted among clients to only be willing to pay cleaning companies for a stereotypical clean of over 50 years ago.

Is that fair?

Technology has evolved so much over the years - especially in cleaning! Over the past 2 years, the pandemic has opened all our eyes to the danger's of a microscopic germ we can't even see!

Expecting cleaning to be done the same way as it's always been done is like banning a runner from running in anything other than Flying Finn's shoes. Sure, they might be able to run in them, but would they beat the competition?

It's like giving cleaning operatives string mops for floor cleaning when your competition are using MotorScrubbers and Compact scrubber driers. Does your cleaning have the advantage to get tenders and keep the contract?

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