Have you been looking for a space, transport, CO2e saving and easy to use soap solution?

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Have you ever wondered if you could stock up on soap without it taking up all your cleaning cupboard storage space? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about ways to cut down on CO2e and plastic waste but don’t want to go Over-The-Top and end up going over your monthly budget. Either way, here is an option you just might want to consider.

What is this solution?

Made from biodegradable materials, Soap2o is an innovative soap solution made of biodegradable materials. Soap powder is encapsulated in water-soluble films which completely dissolve in water, resulting in a foaming hand soap that is good for the environment and for your skin.

Who are Soap2o?

Soap2o is a company that has developed the small disposable sachets that dissolve in water in their mission to ‘cut packaging by up to 70%’.

What are the benefits of using Soap2o?

In this section, I will go through what the main benefits of using Soap2o are in detail to try and address any questions your minds might be bombarding you with.

Compared to some concentrated soap solutions, which are also aimed at reducing the amount of precious storage space soap takes up, this is a very simple process. Please see the graphic below.

All it takes is filling the bottle with water to the correct line, we found using warm water helps to dissolve the sachet best. Then, dropping in the sachet and shaking the whole container to help break up the sachet. Then, leave it for around 30 seconds to ensure it is fully dissolved, finally back into its place and ready to go! The liquid is very runny, like water, but when used with the correct foaming dispenser the soap is a thicker, usable consistency.

Because of their compact size and use reusable bottles/cartridges, this solution significantly reduces storage space. In fact Soap2o claim that by using their innovative solution you can save up to 92% of your shelf space.

This would be due to the fact that one cartridge equivalent of soap is now the half the size of a standard car key, down from the size of a small shoebox.

There is also the factor that, because of their neat shape, they can be packed into a small cardboard box, which is also a very easy shape and size to store.

Also, due to the fact that no water is being transported, the weight is reduced a lot. Check this out…

‘Up to 99% weight reduction!!’

What's so good about reducing storage space?

The initial, maybe most obvious, benefit of reducing storage space is that you now have more space in the cleaning/storage cupboards. This new 'additional space' can now be used to store more than just the bare minimum of cleaning chemicals at that site.

But, before it is even in the cleaning cupboard, the transportation, and CO2e caused by that, can be significantly reduced. 92% less space means you can fit over 10 times as much Soap2o soap, compared to cartridge soap solutions, into one van.

That way, you can save up to 90% on transport costs.

If single-use plastic bottles are cut out of the process altogether there will be…
- Less plastic waste polluting our oceans
- Eliminating plastic bottles = Eliminating plastic production fumes
- Reduces waste space and costs

Help protect our planet by buying UK manufactured products. Soap2o manufacture their products here in the UK and ship them straight to us, with no middle men. These products will come to you with a very low carbon footprint.

Soap2o are very hot in their pursuit to protect wildlife and ensure no animals are involved in their products and in developing and testing their products.